Prey till the End

Book 3 of The Endangered Series, Prey till the End, is out now!

Seven years have passed since Lori exiled herself from her clan. Seven years without bloodshed, without demons, without torture, without premonitions. Seven years of peace and quiet in the civilian life she’s cultivated for herself.
Seven boring years.

Then Vega appears at her doorstep with alarming news: a former member of his clan is responsible for the recent string of homicides across the southwest and the Purebloods are holding her clan responsible. To make matters worse, this traitor is working with an enemy from Lori’s past who is hell bent on revenge.

Now she’s faced with returning to the world she’s tried so hard to escape in order to save the only family she has left. Lori finds unlikely allies in a slayer and a werewolf hybrid, both survivors of S&D Pharma’s experiments. Together they fight to stop the vampire’s killing spree and absolve her clan from the Pureblood’s wrath. That’s if a ghost from her past doesn’t succeed in stopping her first.

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What Reviewers are Saying:
“Did not want to put it down…Satisfying conclusion to a series that should please fans of a wide range of genres.”
“Truly remarkable storytelling.”
“Extremely well written and has fast become one of my favourites.”
“Lori is a snowflake made of razor-blades. Love her, love this series. Just go read it.”

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